Every project is different. Every solution should be, too. We take a customized approach to match your needs, tailoring our unique set of services to meet the project’s unique requirements.

List of Services

Project Management

Our Project Management service is designed to maximize efficiency, achieve exceptional results, and grant you peace of mind. We use a time-tested, proactive, and systematic approach developed over the last forty years to meet your projects’ goals. This process ensures that your project stays on schedule, within budget, and in alignment with your objectives, all while navigating complexities and mitigating potential risks.

Public Outreach

Public Outreach is designed to build understanding, trust, and collaboration between your project and the surrounding communities. Our team works with you and all relevant partners to develop and implement custom outreach strategies that foster positive relationships, address concerns, and ensure transparent communication with stakeholders throughout your project’s lifecycle.

Route and Site Identification and Evaluation

Route and Site Identification and Evaluation are vital to  planning and developing a successful project. Using the advanced tools of the Doyle Data and Mapping System, industry expertise, and in-depth research, our team navigates the complexities of site selection to recommend the most optimal pathways or locations for infrastructure projects. We use strategic insights and data-driven guidance to optimize your project’s success — whether it’s a pipeline, transmission line, or renewable energy installation.

Survey Access and Support

The ability to freely and safely access a landowner’s property is critical for conducting various survey activities related to project development. We streamline the landowner permission request process, providing timely and comprehensive access to survey permission statistics (civil, environmental, cultural, and more) and tract-specific access requirements.

Abstracting and Title Examination

Our team of efficient and experienced title agents provide thorough, reliable research on property ownership, title status, and potential encumbrances. We combine extensive industry knowledge with years of specialized expertise to support your title research needs, including, preparation of Limited Title Certificates, Title Curative, and Title Document Management.

Easement, Lease and Fee Aquisition

Throughout the Easement, Lease, and Fee Acquisition phase, we work diligently to secure the land rights and agreements for your infrastructure projects. Our decades of negotiation experience has led to the development of successful acquisition strategies and processes that can be customized to meet your project’s unique objectives and timeline.

Expert Witness Representation

We collaborate with our clients to provide credible and persuasive testimony in legal proceedings related to land acquisition, property rights, and infrastructure projects. Our team will provide authoritative and reliable expertise, supported by years of in-depth industry experience and a thorough understanding of relevant laws, regulations, and best practices.

Mapping (CAD/GIS)

Whether you are planning a capital infrastructure project, managing a renewable energy development, seeking to organize your existing operations[MB2] , or exploring other land acquisition opportunities, the Doyle Data and Mapping System helps guide decision-making and streamline processes. Using the latest in ESRI Arc GIS Software, we combine cutting-edge technology with deep expertise to deliver comprehensive and precise data analysis and mapping services tailored to your specific needs, including route and site identification, landowner and parcel mapping, environmental constraint analysis, and project progress tracking.

Doyle Data and GIS Mapping System

Doyle utilizes cutting-edge Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, allowing us to manage every detail of your right-of-way project. This application not only centralizes data management, but also allows clients and field staff remotely access reporting, mapping, and filesharing tools.

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