John Warren Doyle

Chief Operating Officer

John Warren Doyle, Jr.

Senior Vice President, Business Development Focus

Taylor B. Doyle, Esq.

Vice President

Nanci C. Douglas

Vice President

Bridget J. Killian

Vice President

Adam M. Barnes

Vice President

Mary C. Bell

Chief Technology Officer

Shaun G. O’Dell

Chief Financial Officer

Fernando S. Goitia

General Counsel / Project Manager

Harriet R. Campbell Young

Vice President

Steve Patton

GIS Solution Architect

Richard Poché, PLA, GISP

Operations Director, Renewables Focus

Keith A. Michel

Project Manager

Collin Constantin

Project Manager

Cory Cowan

Project Manager

Ryan Rowland

Project Manager

Peter Nguyen

Project Manager

Jason Lee

Executive Administrator / Staffing Coordinator

Rhonda Burns

IT Coordinator

Greg Seigel

Accounting Manager

Zeb Hargett

GIS/Drafting Manager

Blake Buchert

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